Narcissa Malfoy


T H E   B L A C K   S I S T E R S

Bellatrix: A woman with thick, shining dark hair, long eyelashes and heavily hooded eyes… was sitting in the chained chair as though it were a throne.
Andromeda:  As she moved forward into the room, her resemblance to her sister Bellatrix became much less pronounced: Her hair was a light, soft brown and her eyes were much wider, and kinder.
Narcissa: She was so pale that she seemed to shine in the darkness; the long blonde hair streaming down her back gave her the look of a drowned person.

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Anonymous asked: Is the bloody hand situation happening at the manor or somewhere else?

(ooc) In our second home in Ireland. 

Downpipe detail. 

Downpipe detail. 

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Disturbed house elves..

So, while I had been searching the Town Hall my dear husband had sent one of our servants down to the dungeon. 
It had obviously encountered something, because from what Lucius told me and what I could hear when I returned; the house elf was hysterical. 

It’s not the first time we have had mentally disturbed servants.. but regarding the picture I had found I thought I should hear what it had to say. 

Finally I found the babbling servant. 
A simple question I asked it ‘What happened in the dungeon’? 
Shaking head, that’s the reply I got. 
Once more I asked, more firmly this time. 

In between sharply drawn breaths I got the story: It had done what it was told, to go down to the dungeon and to the room with the sand white walls. 
The walls had not been white, the print had been there and since the servants are instructed to keep the house clean it had touched it to see if it could remove the blood stain. 
Bloody hands.. that’s what the house elf repeated over and over. 
I gave up, from what I could understand from its babbling, it had gotten blood on its own hands when touching the wall. 

I am very confused at the moment. 
I had for a while now imagined the picture of the blood stained hand print to be just a picture from a dungeon cell.. 
What the house elf told me was far-fetched. 
Anyway I, on my way back to Lucius, took a detour down to the room.. Nothing only the sand white walls and the chains. 
Either the house elf is disillusioned or..  time will show I guess. 

Stranger things has been known to happen. 

Searching the story of Kinnitty.

To gain access to the archives, that wasn’t hard at all.
A polite approach is sometimes all it takes. And I fell into my role, like I had done so often when I was younger. I played a game. I liked to play games. To make people observe me and think they know who they are dealing with.
I made up a story about being interested in architecture.
It’s almost pathetic how easy it was. 

I had one hour. Or to be correct: I was given an hour to search through the archives.

Kinnitty.. once destroyed in 1209, later rebuilt by Normans in 1213.
This we already know.
So far no luck in finding sketches or floor plans.

More matter how interesting it is it gave me no answers to my questions.
 Offlay County had a different name back then; Kings County it was called for some reason.

I searched quickly through the pile of papers in front of me, hoping to find exactly what I was looking for. So far, half way through, no luck.

In 1811 a person named Lady Catherine Hutchinson  commissioned an architect James Pain (obviously a muggle) to extend the castle in a gothic style to its present size.
This I found interesting. The period was a time they normally had and used dungeons.
I draw the conclusion this architect had designed the dungeon under Kinnitty, or maybe restored it?
I found nothing to confirm it.

The house had, according to the records, changed owners a number of times. It had been burned down once in 1922, then rebuilt.
Wings had been torn down and new added to the original building. No wonder it had so many strange hallways and passages.

Both Lucius and I have seen the ghosts. It came as no surprise when I found an article from a muggle newspaper mentioning ghost hunting in the building.
Stupid muggles, you don’t hunt ghosts; you leave them in peace. At least until they get troublesome, then you may act. All old houses have ghosts. To me or to us, they are a part of our everyday life.. we even manage to ignore their shenanigans.
The bloody hand print – something tells me it has something to do with one of the ghosts. I never paid much attention to them, but maybe if I ask I will get an answer?
I haven’t spoken to a ghost since.. Gods, not since the manor was cleansed after the second war.. too many was left there thanks to the Dark Menace’s killing our home.

I was tempted to draw my wand, to cast a spell to see if any of the old documents contained more than what I could see with the naked eye.
I didn’t dare to, not in the presence of muggles.

To them we are seen as the new ‘Lord and Lady’ of Kinnitty, eccentric and very private. Oh yes, I have heard the gossip. Let them believe whatever they are comfortable with.
Somehow it gives a bit of discomfort having this house not hidden from muggles, but on the other hand. If we had attempted to do such, we would have drawn far too much attention to it. Kinnitty has been there for centuries.. Therefore they will be allowed to see us as this.
Don’t stir up the peace unless you have to.

I did just when I was about to leave, find floor plans, but they are of newer date. 
We will have to dig deeper..if we are bothered at all. Time will show. 


Environment design of an abandoned room in the Malfoy Manor where Dobby would sleep.


Environment design of an abandoned room in the Malfoy Manor where Dobby would sleep.

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young rabastan, barty crouch jr, bellatrix and rodolphus
i have missed my lestrange bros lool also I just saw Thor the other day and they are kind of like Thor and Loki except they are both evil 


young rabastan, barty crouch jr, bellatrix and rodolphus

i have missed my lestrange bros lool also I just saw Thor the other day and they are kind of like Thor and Loki except they are both evil 

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22 plays

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Anonymous asked: Were you born a blonde or with dark hair like your sisters?

What are you insinuating? Of course I was born a blonde.  

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(ooc) Respect.

I have been here for some years now.
I never speak much out of character; it’s just not my style. 

But there are times even I bite my tongue a bit too much and can’t keep quiet any more.
As of late I have seen too much of one thing in particular:
People making themselves judge and jury. Hiding behind the phrase ‘freedom of speech’ they spit out their judgement.
To say what’s on your mind is fine, just don’t judge others. You have no right to.

It takes only one person to hurt you, to make you feel less ‘talented’, not good enough etcetera.

But should we allow this person to gain such power over us?
I say no, loud and clear.
Never forget: Behind each and every role play character there is a human being.
We are all here to have fun, to explore our characters, to write SL’s or just improvise.  
RP should be fun, an escape form RL not a competition. 

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