Narcissa Malfoy

Does history repeat itself?

Weeks have past since the break in at the Manor.
Weeks have past since we entered a new year, this May it will be nine years since the war ended.

Our lives have changed with the times we live in. Once again we are suspicious, careful and almost paranoid.  
Lucius sought help within a place I never thought he would go back to; the Ministry.  Thank Merlin for those who still believe in us, the purebloods. Those who still believe in our superiority, like the ministry official, yet I know my dear husband couldn’t trust him completely. Once again the Imperius Curse was used, not that I blame Lucius..I hardly do. Not out of ignorance, merely because I know there is a reason to his actions, always was always will be.

The ministry official  was not exactly helpful. The man…which name I will not write down, not for his safety but for ours.
Owls were sent to his home, replies never came, so Lucius went to see him in person. So I I still think and believe.
For days he was gone, not that I worried much about that particular part, I trust my husband…I think.

Last weekend another incident.. an intruder, an intruder in our home.
If it hadn’t been for the previous break in I doubt I would have worried so much, I guess I would have tried to find the person and curse his sorry behind.
I am a Black, Blacks aren’t cowards..but we are careful people. A spell assured me there was a person, a human inside the manor somewhere.
But by using the spell I guess I alerted that someone, and he or she disappeared obviously with some documents.

I wish I could say it made sense, that I could understand why this happened. If they wanted jewellery or money they would have taken it..they didn’t.  A burglar is no,  but someone seeking secrets, which this someone obviously did..that’s another thing, if this is the case it’s more personal.. isn’t it?

I am quite sure it was the same person who was here during the previous break in.. Why I think so I don’t know but I learned long time ago to trust my intuition.

When Lucius finally returned home, all I got out of him was that he had searched for the ministry official for days, and finally found him. I still don’t have all the details, but from what I can recall from my conversation (almost an argument) with Lucius he was sure the man had hid from someone or something.. 
The past years my husband has been acting calmer, almost got back to being the man I once got to know..the man I married.
This night he returned he was back to his ‘old self’, he has always had a temper, but that night he didn’t even try to suppress it when I told him about the person I almost caught lurking around inside our home.

We avoided an argument, and for that I am grateful. If someone wants to find something incriminating among the documents stored here, we shouldn’t spend time fighting among ourselves, we should stand together. We are strong in our togetherness, weak when divided.   
And I know Lucius and I are not done with that particular conversation.

Another very unpleasant thing occurred when my sister Andromeda came to visit. What was going to be a meeting between sisters, to discuss what had been going on lately (someone attempted to break into her home as well, unsuccessfully thank Merlin) turned into an argument.
My dear sister brought with her a muggle newspaper.. the newspaper had a picture of two people, dressed in what could very well be cloaks.. and the two men in the picture could also very well have been  my husband and son.

I read the article and couldn’t believe what I was reading. There is no way Draco and Lucius would ever go back to terrorising muggles, not ‘in broad daylight’.  
It had to be a false article, planted at the muggle newspaper by someone.. Someone who might be behind what had happened here lately? I wish I knew. I wish..
The Prophet has yet not mentioned what supposedly had happened in the small muggle town.

She, my sister believed what she had read, what a muggle photography showed her.. A MUGGLE photography, they didn’t even move. If they had I am sure I could tell from the way they walked if it was Draco and Lucius or not. I know them well..  At least I think I do.
Why was Dromeda so sure what she read had to be the truth? Why? She know they have changed.. doesn’t she?
She chose to believe a muggle newspaper over the words of her own sister.. I never lied to her.  

Disbelief, anger, fear, the sum of it all made me yell at my sister, the person who has for the past years been my best friend, and the person I swore I would never turn my back at again.  
I let my emotions get the best of me, yet my mind was clear enough to regret instantly.. Nevertheless I hurt her, I hurt her because I believed my son and husband wouldn’t do what she had ‘proof’ of in her hand.
She left. She left slamming the door behind her.

Now I have to confront both my dear son and my beloved husband with the story. I have no other choice.
I need to know.
Why do the words; Divide and conquer come to mind?
Nothing makes sense.. and everything does, at least if it’s what I almost fear to think it is: A conspiracy. (I am not going to say that out loud.. Even Lucius would think I had become paranoid.. I am not)!

I am so tired, tired, sad an in desperate need of finding out the truth.. The truth about everything that has happened.  Everything!

Déjà vu.
Please for Merlin’s sake..don’t let history repeat itself.

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