Narcissa Malfoy

8 years later, it doesn’t make sense…

From fighting insomnia caused by too many questions, the past nights had been peaceful and both Lucius and I had slept.
We haven’t spoken much since the aurors visit, but when we have it’s all about how to figure out who is behind what happened, who framed my husband and son.

Last night I had a dream..a nightmare so to speak since it included the final hours of the war, and the horrid hours that followed..8 years ago in 1998.
My last memory of Hogwarts , in ruins. The cries of people in despair: My own sisters tears, falling to the ground where she knelt beside her fallen daughter and son in-law.
How bad I suddenly felt because I was so happy when finding Draco alive and well among the ruins and dead bodies. .. Lucius..apathetic and broken only wanting to leave the horror behind.

Strangely enough, even as awful these memories was to me, what I remember best from the dream was the Dark Lords piercing scream when Molly Weasley’s  final curse hit my sister.. Bellatrix.

I had kept quiet all day about this dream, but I could not shake it off. There was something .. something had been odd about the entire scene.
What bothered me was why Bella had not fought harder? How could she of all people be defeated by Molly Weasley?
It bothered me almost as much as the thought of someone being out there wanting to make sure my dear husband and son being accused of crimes they had not committed.

Bella was one of the best duellist I knew..had known. It did ~not~ make sense.
I don’t know whether to mention this to Lucius or not, maybe he will say I am still in denial.
I am not. I have seen my sisters grave..I visit it several times a year for Merlin’s sake.. I am not in denial.
Something doesn’t add up..
And maybe..just maybe we have to go back in time in order to find out what’s going on at the present as well? Maybe I must mention this to him?
I wish I knew whether it was important or not, whether I was clinging on to false hope thanks to a dream and a slowly fading memory of the worst day in my life…? 

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