Narcissa Malfoy

Searching for answers..

So far the weekend had been relaxing and quite enjoyable, if she didn’t count the hours they had spent apart, thinking..searching for clues; Something that could possibly tell them who had impersonated Draco and Lucius, attacked muggle villages and made the aurors come to the manor.

I have been going through old lists, lists over people that had been invited to our parties’ years ago. I came up with a lot of names of people none of them knew the whereabouts of.
 It could be any of them.
Most of our former friends..and acquaintances had not been happy when Harry had spoken for the Malfoy family after the war.
Some people still glared angrily at us when we appeared in public. So far both Lucius and I had thought; let them.. who cares?
Now I know I will not ignore them, I will probably give them investigating looks and I will wonder if any of them were behind the scam..the set-up of my son and husband.

I am writing this down, and a copy of the list I made will also be here, in my diary..just in case. I never hide this book in Lucius safe.. it’s well hidden somewhere else in the house. Thankfully the burglar never found it.

Each and every night after the time I almost had a close encounter with the burglar; the protective spells has been checked, sometimes even replaced, every single night.

Tonight it is my turn. When that is done I will go and find my husband, give him the list over the names I found. Hopefully he has made progress himself, not that I get my hopes up.
It will be a lot easier if he can find another person within the Ministry, or with access to them who can maybe find out who is dead, imprisoned.. even those who may be in exile somewhere.
We need a source.
Draco and Lucius is not alone in this.. I have always supported them, helped them the way I can, and that’s no different this time.

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